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How can you apply for a food kiosk permit in dubai?

Apply for your food business permit in Dubai. Suitable for Food Kiosks, Food Trucks, Popups, Events & Festivals. Applying for a food kiosk permit in Dubai involves several steps:

1.Choose a location and obtain approval:

  • Research different malls: Consider the type of food you plan to sell and find a mall with a customer base that matches your target audience.
  • Contact the mall management: Discuss your kiosk concept and get their approval in writing.

2. Members of The Co—Kitchens can apply for the permit with the Dubai Municpality.

  • Costs: these can vary depending on location and length of the activation. Prices usually start from AED300 per permit.

3. Get food safety approvals:

  • Register your food supplier: The supplier must be registered on the Dubai Municipality’s FoodWatch platform.
  • Get a layout assessment: Submit your kiosk layout plans to the Dubai Municipality for approval. This ensures your kiosk meets food safety and space requirements.
  • Apply for a food permit: Once you have the layout approval, apply for a food permit through the FoodWatch platform.

4. Additional steps:

  • Obtain health certificates: Depending on your food items, you may need additional health certificates from the Dubai Municipality.
    Get insurance: Purchase liability insurance for your kiosk business.
  • Pay fees: Pay the required fees for the trade license, food permit, and other approvals.

Become a Food Hero at The Co—Kitchens to apply for your food business permit quickly and easily.